Friday, July 12, 2013

June Bug

June was a whirlwind of 80 degree weather, sun, rain, birthdays, and travel.

I kicked off the month in Cancun with my roommate's family. It was my first time in Mexico, and it was an absolute blast! Unfortunately there was little sun; it was pouring rain most of the time we were there. The resort was really great though, and one of our rainy days turned into a spa/massage day. I can't be upset about that!!

As soon as we got back, it was time to celebrate my 23rd birthday. Co-workers spoiled me with ample amounts of sugar, Italian food, and love. That night I enjoyed a family dinner where we ordered in steaks and had a relaxing night. My presents were:
        -an ice cream maker attachment for my Kitchenaid mixer from my parents
        -the most beautiful bouquet of flowers I've ever seen from Jared

That weekend I enjoyed time celebrating with my friends, including a Drillers game, Skee-ball at The Max, and some two-stepping at Caravan. I even got to swim a little with Kara and her sweet daughter, but it wasn't quite warm enough to swim for long.

The following weekend brought on my favorite activity of the summer: Floating the Illinois River! Now, if you aren't from the Tulsa area, you might not know about this river. The portion we float is about 1 hour away in Tahlequah, OK. It isn't a white-water-rapid adventure, but a relaxing/fun float for either 6 or 12 miles. We were going to camp out that night, but it started pouring rain as soon as we were finished with our float. What did that mean? A stop through the McDonalds drive-thru and a drive home. I was sad to not be camping, but very happy to have slept in my warm, dry bed!

The rest of the month involved lots of swimming, meetings, and celebrating birthdays (my brother Clark and Abbey).

June will always be one of my favorite months! June brings the beginning of a great summer: time with friends, swimming, and longer days. It is still strange not having a 3 month break in the summer, but I think I am getting used to it!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Weird Wednesday, Birthday Edition

In honor of my birthday...

So true.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Let the vacations begin!!

First stop: Manhattan! 

My first trip to New York City, and I couldn't be more excited!! It feels awful leaving Oklahoma after our tragic round of tornadoes, but I wont let that get me down. Found a free place to stay AND a cheap flight. Thanks to that (and the fact I'm not going to see Justin Timberlake in Tulsa), I've decided that I will be seeing Book of Mormon and maybe/hopefully one other show.

I'll be sure to blog about my trip with pictures of my adventures in The Big Apple!

(Still accepting advice/ideas of where to go/hidden gems/ things I shouldn't miss!)


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

NYC Advice!!

Okay bloggers,

I just found out that my Chinese sister is graduating from her Master's program in two weeks. She has no family attending, so I desperately want to visit her. I found the cheap flights, but now I have to find the cheap/affordable places to stay.

I need suggestions, please!! I obviously didn't have time to save up, so the cheaper the better.

Also, I'll only get to spend 3-4 full days there, so I need to know the places I definitely shouldn't miss for my first trip to NYC.

Thank you, friends!! (And strangers, also.)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I've got the Blues

The "I'm a working adult and not a college kid anymore" Blues.

With all of my college friends getting ready for Summer Break, it is quickly sinking in that I won't be getting to join them. However, it IS helping that people are drowning in Finals Week studies and I am not. There are some perks to being an adult!

I would rather have the "Kraft Macaroni and cheese" Blues...

Monday, May 6, 2013

Birthdays, Cinco de Mayo, and Wal-Mart Galore!

This weekend was extremely eventful and definitely exhausting! I had 4 birthdays to celebrate, errands to run, and  (very little) sleeping to do.

Friday was my day off, making for a great kickstart to the weekend. I ate Jimmy's Egg for breakfast (which, if you haven't eaten there, you MUST go right now and try their pancakes-- I also recommend the Angry Burrito) followed by seeing Iron Man 3. I was originally supposed to see it at midnight Thursday night, but the old lady inside of me turned my 15 minute nap into a 9 hour slumber. The rest of the day involved chores/errands/bathing and reading outside for an hour. Then I was off to dinner to begin the birthday weekend festivities. My friend Kathryne was celebrating the beginning of her birthday week with dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Mi Cocina. I was able to get a free margarita out of the deal, which was a great surprise! After dinner I went and picked up my friend Kara to head to our friend Nick's birthday party. We both thought we had to be home early though, so the party was short lived for us. 

I was supposed to wake up bright and early the next day, but with it nearly sleeting outside (IN MAY) the volunteering was cancelled. Since I was already up, dressed, and sporting my snow boots, I decided I still needed to go out and about. Mallori and I went to Wal-mart so that I could by some paint to fix a dent in my car. While at Wal-mart, we realized we needed toiletries, then that Mallori needed things for work, and then I needed groceries. During our adventure we decided to throw an impromptu Quatro de Mayo dinner and have Tacos and Margaritas. After a long brunch with my brothers at Leon's, we hurried to the apartment to clean and start making margaritas cooking. We had quite a few friends head over, and it was a very fun night! Around 10 we moved the gathering to Caravan to celebrate Mallori's boyfriend's birthday (3rd one to celebrate this weekend). The Caravan wasn't as busy as usual, but that didn't stop us from line dancing, two-stepping, and dancing ridiculously.
Some Boot Scootin' Boogie:

Sunday I was up early for church, even though I forgot to set my alarm. Gotta love that internal clock sometimes! After church it was time to celebrate my brother Evan's 30th birthday with a crawfish boil. If you haven't been to a crawfish boil before-- you are missing out!! This crawfish was flown in fresh from Louisiana  and it made my stomach very happy (maybe since it was my first non-Mexican meal since Thursday). We got to eat, watch the Thunder game, and enjoy 60 degree weather that did NOT include rain! I didn't get home until night-fall, and all I wanted to do was watch Grey's Anatomy and sleep. 


This weekend was one for the books, but I am ready for another weekend just to recover!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Weird Wednesday

The other day I walked into the restroom at work and was very surprised to see this:

So, this was't the actual scene, but it was almost this exact situation.

Why would anyone ever shave their legs in the bathroom of their workplace? I felt uncomfortable and couldn't look at her. I felt that this person probably felt enough shame already, and I couldn't add to it by showing her my judging eyes, staring making eye contact. When I went into my stall, I almost peaked through the crack to see if my eyes had lied to me. I did refrain; instead, I took out my phone immediately to share this situation with a coworker.

Has anyone seen this happen? Is this normal? I know I am new to the working world and all-- maybe I am unfamiliar with the ritual of taking care of your personal hygiene at work. Please educate me.